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East Ham BTC Office opens

The British Tamil Conservatives office in Eastham was opened by Hon Andrew Rosindell, MP, the Shadow Minister for Home affairs on Sunday. The event began with a mini parade to the Office with balloons released and the Hon Shadow Minister lighting the traditional lamp.

The borough is home to an estimated 10,000 British Tamils. Speaking at the event Mr Rosindell said ‘The British Tamil Conservatives, have I believe made an enormous impact on the Conservative Party in a very short space of time. It is tremendously refreshing to see so many people from a particular community choosing the Conservative Party and acknowledging that the Conservative Party can be representative of everybody including communities such as the Tamils. I know that in Sri Lanka there has been a terrible injustice on a lot of people from the Tamil Community and we are deeply sad about the events that have taken place in recent days, so I thank the BTC for being at the forefront within the Conservative Party to explain to people about what is going on and ensuring that all of us have an understanding of what the community has suffered back in Sri Lanka.’

The event was attended by hundreds of local Tamils including leading Tamil businessmen and women. Addressing the gathering, the Conservative Candidate for Eastham Paul Shea said “The tide is turning in Newham. It is time for change in Eastham as all the communities in Eastham have been let down by labour. I thank the BTC and all the Tamils who have been supportive of me. Everywhere in England we have stories of groups of people not getting on, that simply is not the case in Eastham and we need to shout that out from the roof tops and tell the rest of the country. It’s by building stronger communities that I think that we can achieve something wonderful here in Eastham”.

The Vice President of the British Tamil Conservatives Mr Patrick Ratnarajah also spoke at the event and called the local Tamils to rally behind the Party and ensure they elect Paul Shea, who pledged to champion the cause of Tamils in the Conservative Government if he got elected. Patrick Ratnarajah introduced the Tamil Councillor Candidates, Dr Moses Rajkumar,Mrs Vasantha Mahadevan and Mr Durai Kannan who are confident that they will bring in the change in Eastham and together with Paul Shea will be able to build a better environment for all the communities that live in Eastham.

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